Aurélie Bidermann



Beneficial stone for controlling negative thoughts, symbol of temperance, spirituality, harmony, and love.


Lucky charms that are emblematic of the brand, made of mother of pearl or gems, for example


"One leaf for fame, one for wealth, one for true love, and one for health".

Do Brasil

Inspired by the Brazilian bracelets of her youth, this has become a brand classic.


Symbol of good luck and fortune, this dream messenger brings out our lost memories.


A dreamcatcher of Native American origin that will in time become the lucky amulet worn by the young Native American who has come of age.


Animal that supersedes all others because of its intelligence and spirit, it symbolises strength and serenity.


This is a stone of love and renewal that brings peace and harmony.


Slides over the skin to bring protection, energy, and healing.


Represents serenity.

Ginkgo (leaf)

Aurélie Bidermann loves its pure and irregular lines, symbols of prosperity, charm, serenity and longevity.


Metal of light that symbolises success and perfection. 


Stone of honesty, justice, and wisdom, which helps resolve conflict.


Aurélie Bidermann solidified her favourite lace design and created her first cuff in 2008; today, it is one of the brand classics.


According to legend, they come from paradise and only land on humans in order to announce good fortune.

Lapis Lazuli

This is the sacred stone par excellence, venerated by all of the ancient civilisations as the “messenger” of the gods.

Mother of pearl

Just like pearls, mother of pearl is a symbol of love for the Greeks, and of immortality in China.


Stone of attachment to the earth, it brings us much stability and protects us from negative energy. 


Nature is a true source of inspiration for Aurélie Bidermann.

Paper clip

Signature clasp of all Aurélie Bidermann jewellery.


Like the colour of the threads the designer ties around her wrist. In China and Japan, the colour red symbolises good luck.


This is the emblem of fidelity and is a symbol of rebirth for the dead as well as a protective emblem for the living.


Metal associated with the Moon and femininity, it evokes purity and openness.


Represents transformation and energy, and symbolises immortality and infinity. The Snake also has a protective role; in Egypt it protected the Pharoahs.

Tiger eye

Tiger eye has the properties of a mirror: it sends negative energy back where it came from and is a stone of protection that brings energy and self-confidence.


Amulet that protects and gives self-confidence; symbol of serenity, wisdom, and reconciliation.


Encapsulates wisdom that attracts love, and maternity.


Precious metal made up of gold-plated silver.

Wheat (ear)

Real lucky charm, it ensures joy and prosperity while warding off the evil eye; in Ancient Rome, wheat was thrown on young married couples in order to ensure fruitful progeny. It has become a classic in the Aurélie Bidermann brand.

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