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To satisfy our consumers and meet their demands, we require our suppliers and subcontractors to adhere to our corporate social responsibility policy, in particular with regard to the points listed below: 

1- Source of diamonds


Our diamonds are mined only in countries participating in the Kimberley Process international certification scheme.

The Kimberley Process was created to end the trade in 'conflict diamonds' and to ensure that the diamond trade does not finance the activities of violent rebel movements and their allies to undermine legitimate governments. This requires participating countries to rigorously control the import and export of rough diamonds.

All diamonds used by AURELIE BIDERMANN fall within the Kimberley Process.

2- Boxes and packaging

Our packaging meets the standards of REACH, the European regulation governing the manufacturing and use of chemical substances manufactured in the European industry.

The specific aims of this standard are to:

• protect human health and the environment from the potential risks of chemical substances;

• establish comprehensive and transparent information on the nature and risks of the substances, from supplier to end customer;

• ensure secure handling of chemicals by company employees through the enforcement of safety standards.

Our jewellery boxes are made in France. The leather used comes from France and Spain.

3- Resources

We ensure that our partners and suppliers apply the international agreement between states called CITES or the Washington Convention that guarantees sustainable trade to preserve resources for the future.

This is an international agreement between states aiming to ensure that international trade in specimens of wild animals and plants does not threaten the survival of the species to which they belong.

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