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New Spring-Summer collection

For summer 2019, tha Maison is heading to the sea - but not just any sea. The Atlantic? The Mediterranean? Long Island or Ile de Ré? No - far away from Hydra, Capri, and Saint Tropez. To search is futile – the Parisian designer is the only one who can take you there. This place is her secret. Here, the water is bluer than elsewhere, the sky purer, the sun brighter. The salt wind blows softly over her jewels.

Every wave caressing the golden beach washes up shells in the scrumptious colours of the Roudoudou line, lucky charms named after the candy in a celebration of its allure and spirit. As always, the Maison also hones her passion for herbariums, making ample space in her album for gingko and oak leaves, along with dune flora and plaited straw effects. The golden torques and bracelets in the Ajoncs line have the luminous freshness of a sappy stem that’s just been cut, while True Blue’s precious brambles look as if they have grown to guard a secret. The majestic Panama dangling necklace and crystal cabochon are tropical inspired. The Niki line is infused with feminine curves and colors, a complicit nod to Niki de Saint Phalle’s buxom muses, here adorned with turquoise, intense red and deep green. Otherworldly cravings featured are the mysterious Natosi leaves flourishing around ears and wrists alongside the Takayama bracelets. Beaded turtles, clovers and other foliage bring the teasing, optimistic spirit of the Parisian brand to the forefront, going by the name of Grigri.

Stripe detail of the Brandebourg line, sparkling mirrors on the Ciottolo pendant and Jodphur beaded tassels hung on cotton thread. Each piece embraces the magical horizons of this secret address to which the Maison alone holds the key and wishes to invite you. Every jewel holds the promise of a most beautiful evening.

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Fine jewelry collection: Ginkgo

The Ginko Biloba’s leaves are so beautiful, with their soft curves, feminine roundness, and the mystery of their duality, that even Goethe dedicated a poem to them.

The ginkgo leaf should be worn on the skin. The collection features a yellow gold ornament, faithfully reproducing the small ribbed lines of the leaf, which lights up the face. The delicately hanging earrings, the elegant bracelet adorning the wrist, and the pendant in the crux of the neck, all complete this lush, natural look, with hues of green tsavorite garnets that add a fresh, spring glimmer. On the ring, diamonds gleam in the sunlight. Goethe was right: from Paris to Manhattan or Prague to Tokyo, the magic charm of Ginkgo Biloba never fails to enchant us.


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New Fall-Winter 2018 collection

Holidaying in Italy between Rome and Capri: this is the spirit underlying Aurélie Bidermann’s Autumn-Winter collection. Imagine taking a trip – driving a vintage Alfa Romeo and sailing on a Riviera yacht – the spirit adorns women from dusk till dawn.

The Parisian designer’s lucky charms and nature-inspired jewelry pieces come in a new palette of midnight blues, pinks the shade of angel skin, and bright quasi-neon pops of color that add the energetic touch of a ristretto coffee. Metal the shade of sunbathed gold is seamless for any occasion. The simply hammered Thalia rings hint at the treasures of antiquity as do the Filo pieces, a metallic mesh-style accessory that embraces the finger, neck and wrist.

Adorned with enamel cabochons, Ornella rings curl round the finger, evoking that love of seeing and being seen that elegant Romans practice as a sophisticated sport. With its pebble shaped echoes, the Ciottolo line is designed to please, as does the majestic plastron of the Azzurra, with textile fringes that make the most beautiful ragazza of the evening shine, ascending beween the little blue cabochon orbs and the lapis lazuli of cuffs and dancing drop earrings. Naturally there are ginkgo leaves, a key house classic, with their flurry of butterflies.

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We are very proud to see our First Lady Brigitte Macron wearing the "Belt" bracelet.

We are very proud to see our First Lady, Madame Brigitte Macron, wearing the "Belt" bracelet at the doorstep of the Palais de l’Elysée.
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Discover the new Spring-Summer 2018 collection

Pacific Coast ahead! For spring-summer, Aurélie Bidermann has set down her suitcases in Costa Careyes, on the west coast of Mexico, between turquoise ocean and emerald green tropical vegetation. In the shade of the pergolas, to the sound of a guitar playing party music, she brings together the legends of a passionately tropical style of dolce vita.

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New Parisian boutique at 14 rue Royale

As a Parisian first and foremost, Aurélie Bidermann always wanted to open a boutique on the Rive
Droite of Paris, especially in its historic center. Her second Parisian boutique shall therefore open at 14
rue Royale.

This new boutique was inspired by the old-fashioned charm of jewelry shops of the 1920s and 30s
which the designer holds dear. It was commissioned to be designed in the style of an old French
residence by the architect Fabrizio Casiraghi in collaboration with the Atelier Franck Durand. The color
white shines throughout the store: solar and energizing, perfectly matching the terracotta tiles chosen
for the floor, emulating the style of early XXth century houses from Provence in Southern France.

In this new location, you will be able to discover the brand’s varied collections, from costume to fine
jewelry, including the house classics such as the precious Chivor or our delicate Lace collection.


Boutique rue Royale

14 rue Royale 75008 Paris

Monday to Saturday, from 10 am to 7 pm

+ 33 (0)1 42 60 54 01




Peggy collection

The Peggy collection pays tribute to Peggy Guggenheim, famous patron art collector.

Her taste for contrast reverberates through the almost dreamlike oblong forms of the eponymous line, midnight blue lapis lazuli inserts parading on the metal mesh.

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Extend the summer season with color!

Make your vacation last a little longer with the colorful creations from Maison Aurélie Bidermann.
Sculptural jewels and touch of fantasy are the keywords of this new collection.
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