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Vanessa Seward

Fashion Designer

What’s your relationship with jewelry?

It’s weird but I don’t wear a lot of jewelry because it has sentimental value. Most of mine has been given to me by my husband or family members…

What’s your style in terms of jewelry?

I like gold jewelry that’s fairly refined. I notice things like finishing details and shine.

What’s in your jewelry box?

Jewelry watches (my favourite at the moment is a Cartier Panther watch); a pearl necklace worn high on the neck (given to me by my grandmother); feather earrings by Aurélie, gold hair slides and combs and a gold medallion (sun) from Arthus Bertrand that I got when Jacqueline was born.

What do you look for in jewelry?

I look for characterful yet understated pieces.

Who are your style icons?

Past icons: Lauren Hutton, Bianca Jagger, Dayle Haddon, Marisa Berenson

Modern day icons: Charlotte Casiraghi, Dakota Johnson.

How would you describe your style?

Feminine and individual.

What was your first jewelry piece?

A ring that my grandmother gave me. 

Are you a gold or a silver person?

Definitely gold!

How would you describe Aurélie Bidermann Jewelry?

Stylish, glam and desirable. 

In terms of jewelry, do you think fashion faux pas exist?

I think it’s important that a woman wears her jewelry and not the other way around. It should complement her personality to a tee. From that point on, anything is possible!

Her favorites:
Gold Swan Feathers earrings

Gold Swan Feathers earrings

American indian feather necklace

American indian feather necklace

Body Bracelet

Body Bracelet

Esteban ring

Esteban ring

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