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Guest of the month

Jennifer Neyt

Vogue.fr Editor-in-Chief

Which piece from among the Aurélie Bidermann collections would define you the best?

The turquoise Miki ring. I'm very attached to these rings. I like the fact that each one is unique, because the colour and texture of the stone differs from one ring to another. I have a plain turquoise version, another one in turquoise with black mottling and a lapis lazuli version. I like the size of this ring. Fine rings don't suit me since I have big hands.

Which Aurélie Bidermann piece do you never take off?

Right now, the Positano earrings. As well as the piece itself, which I love, the name reminds me of a wonderful holiday.

Which Aurélie Bidermann pieces do you like to wear in the evening?

The Iroquois earrings that perfectly frame the face with a touch of dancing gold, and the Caftan Moon necklace that looks great with a simple t-shirt in summer or a cashmere sweater in winter.

What is the 'IT' Aurélie Bidermann piece for this summer?

The long, turquoise Angelica necklace: I love its 70's style.

Are you a gold or a silver person?

Gold! And especially gold combined with turquoise, which is my favourite colour combination.

What is your favourite Aurélie Bidermann collection?

The Navajo collection. I love anything inspired by Native American culture in general.

What is your most beautiful Aurélie Bidermann piece?

The Dreamcatcher earrings I was given for my birthday last year. You have to be quite daring to wear them, but they're perfect with a simple denim shirt and jeans, for example.

They add just a touch of "evening" to a day look, so you can go straight to a dinner or party without having to change. 

Which Aurélie Bidermann piece do you dream of owning?

The Cherokee necklace or earrings. Or, from among the metal/gemstone jewellery, the three Cachemire rings and the long Chivor necklace. 

Which Aurélie Bidermann piece would you like to give as a present? 

A set of ear of wheat or Copacabana rings.

What does Aurélie Bidermann jewellery represent for you?

For me, it represents Aurélie's extraordinary imagination, which makes me dream. Aurélie's jewellery pieces are like little treasures, each one telling a different story, taking us on a different journey: A stop in Positano, a road trip in the American South West... They are like talismans, lucky charms. I'm not superstitious but it's difficult for me to leave the house without my jewellery!

How do you wear Aurélie Bidermann jewelry?

I think the pieces are even more beautiful when worn together. Every morning, I enjoy selecting combinations of rings or bracelets to wear. Very often, I choose my jewellery first and then this guides me in my choice of clothes.

Her favorites:
Navajo ring

Navajo ring

Turquoise Angelica Long Necklace

Turquoise Angelica Long Necklace

Caftan Moon necklace

Caftan Moon necklace

Turquoise Miki Ring

Turquoise Miki Ring

Cashmere Rubies ring

Cashmere Rubies ring

Turquoise Cherokee earrings

Turquoise Cherokee earrings

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